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Fruit snacks

Fruits Snacks

A Fruit snack is processed fruit that eats like a traditional snack food. It can be deposited, freeze dried, or air dried and may be called Fruit Leather, Fruit Bars, Freeze Dried Fruit, or most commonly, is simply known as "Fruit Snacks". The fruit snack most familiar to consumers are commercial products that are produced by combining fruit juices and fruit purees with colors and flavors. They may contain other ingredients including starches, gelatin, sugar and corn syrups. Typically they contain between 15-20% moisture to give the product a desirable soft chewy texture.

An innovative range of 100% fruit snacks and bars can now be made on the Extrufood cooking and/or forming extruders. The cooking process allows you to produce a broad spectrum of tasty, healthy products.

Extrufood has gained a lot of expierience during the past few years by testing different recipes of fruit snacks in their Extrucenter. A lot of different shapes have been produced like bars, strips, bites, belts and even hollow fruit cables.